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Diagnostics & Strategy

Strategic Plan Framing/Assistance
Software Selection/Migration
Marketing/Ad Plan Diagnostics

The worst kept secret in consulting is you can get about half of what you need by taking any of us out to coffee! For the other half, you may want to consider the one-day diagnostic. Check out a redacted sample below or request a more detailed scope-of-work on a particular project.


Increase Revenue

Digital Advertising Expertise
Programmatic Campaigns
Social (Paid Buys & Organic Strategies)
Email Advertising
Online Purchase Optimizations
Phone & Direct Mail Campaigns
Retention/Loyalty Programs
Inventory Management: Dynamic Pricing
Discount & Promotional Strategy

With experience serving as an in-house marketing department and as an outside media planner, Straightforward Management & Consulting brings a menu of items from which to choose or one, full-service solution for your earned revenue needs.

Sample Results:

$2 million earned revenue increase over five years.

Record-Breaking capacity and per-seat revenue.

5x ROI Facebook campaigns for national tour.

Cut Costs

Half of Every Marketing Dollar is Wasted

Common wisdom suggests that, "The problem is, no one can agree on what half." That legend is entirely false. Good marketers know where to cut: IT, software, traditional outlets, excessive agency fees, under-performing digital campaigns. Run an honest, straightforward look at your marketing using Return-On-Investment (ROI) and not your G-U-T to make prudent decisions in line with your nonprofit mission, bottom-line and/or fiduciary responsibility.

Sample Results:

Six-Figure advertising and IT cost savings.

Incalculable time savings for staff.

Five-Figure savings in migration from traditional advertising and PR to lower-cost digital efforts.


Customized PR and communications offerings also available. Consulting packages begin at $2,000.

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