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Sharp and Sensitive Consulting Solutions for the Arts

Straightforward Management & Consulting brings over 15 years of arts administration and consulting experience to clients and employers alike. Increase revenue, cut costs, or optimize other marketing and management efforts with sustainable solutions in the performing arts.


Arts Administration +  Optimizations + Market Analysis

Today's artists and arts administrators face extraordinary challenges.
The energy and creativity to address these obstacles are ubiquitous in our field; capturing, focusing, and sustaining solutions is the task we all face. 

Straightforward Management & Consulting leverages expertise, technology, and good old-fashioned work to deliver sustainable solutions for your specific project, initiative or organization. Harness the network, time, and expertise to develop and implement your initiatives... all while training staff to optimize long after a formal consulting contract has ended. 

This delivers clarified purpose, sharpened execution, savings, and, most importantly, increased ticket and fundraising revenue to be re-invested in the art you create or present.

Cut Costs

Put more money into the art

Leverage new strategies, tools, and technologies to save on marketing and fundraising costs and invest more into the your artistic and mission-driven initiatives.

Increase Revenue

Expert Guidance and Increased Bandwidth

Need help deciding which initiatives will increase net revenue? Or do you simply need help executing the ones already in your strategic plan? Either way, we can help.

Diagnostics & Strategy

Practical Advice and Resources to Implement It

Examining your current business practices or planning for the future can yield seven-figure results in revenues and savings.

Services can be limited to one-day or expanded to multi-month diagnostics based on event/organizational need. 

Just looking for advice? Make contact for a no-cost 30-minute phone consult.

Recent Results & Reputation

23% Subscription Revenue Increase--Leading to Second Highest Gross in Organizational History.

Over 9x Return--Including 4x Return from New-To-File Patrons--On Digital Advertising Plan for Inaugural Season Launch.

Designed & Executed Marketing Plan for Provocative New Production--Among the Top Five Highest Grossing in Organizational History.

Front of House Plan Increased Merchandise Sales to Over 2x Goal, Decreased Patron Complaints, and Increased Service.

Designed & Executed Paid Social Media Strategy for Regional Tour: Averaging 5x ROI.

"One of the best and brightest marketing minds working in the field today."

Hershey Felder

"My go-to for tour marketing, planning, and execution."

Val Kilmer

"High-level strategy, a practical and affordable implementation, and a true desire to develop staff for long-term and sustainable solutions."

Brian Colburn, Muse/ique Executive Director

"A trusted resource for marketing consultation and boots-on-the-ground work...  a collaborative and transparent style builds staff capacity."

Ken Novice, Dallas Summer Musicals President

"Brings sharp, no-nonsense business acumen to every project. A tremendous resource for general guidance and specific work in live event administration."

Gary DaSilva, Entertainment Attorney


Thanks to Los Angeles' notorious traffic, in-person meetings across town or across the continent are similarly convenient.

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